Cabbie who deserted fare on motorway found with methamphetamines in car


Bangkok – Tourist Police have arrested a taxi driver that attempted to gouge passengers at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport and later abandoned a fare, finding methamphetamines and drug paraphernalia in his vehicle.

Tourist Police stationed at Suvarnabhumi Airport detained cab driver, 37-year old Boonchuay Pimnon, who initially denied all the charges and attempted to bribe police with 5,000 baht but later admitted to using methamphetamines daily.  He explained he was operating from the airport’s upper floor but on the day of the incident was invited by another cabbie to pick up fares from its lower floor, where he convinced one traveler to pay a lump sum for the ride.

Police have charged the driver with narcotics possession, bribery, failing to complete a taxi ride and violating taxi pricing regulations. He faces having his taxi license revoked.

The arrest took place after Boonchuay’s fare posted a video clip to Facebook explaining that she had been deserted on the motorway by her cab after departing from Suvarnabhumi Airport for Huay Kwang. She said that only after they were on their way did the driver demand a 500 baht lump sum for the ride and refused to turn on his meter. The video clip was widely circulated before leading to the capture of the driver.