Bus driver and conductor fined 1,000 baht each for expelling a passenger due to his body odour


A bus driver and a conductor of an associated bus company were fined 1,000 baht each and suspended from work for a week after they were found to have violated the regulations of Bangkok Mass Transit Authority for expelling a passenger from their bus due to his body smell.


The bus company,Viriyawong, which operates city bus route 147, was also fined 1,000 baht for its failure to oversee the behavior of its staff.

The case first appeared in the Facebook page of a netizen by the name of ponddnop on July 9 who reported that a passenger of bus No 147-33 shutting between Thon Buri housing estate and The Mall Bang Khae was chased out of the vehicle by both the driver and conductor because of his alleged strong body smell.

The two also used rude language with the passenger.

In response to the incident, BMTA on Tuesday summoned an official of Viriyawong bus firm, the driver and conductor of the bus in question to its head office for an investigation.

Both the driver and conductor reportedly admitted that they were rude to the passenger and expelled him from the bus because they could not stand his smell.