Buriram water reservoir hit by drought despite rainy season


BURIRAM, 7 October 2015 – A water reservoir in the northeastern province of Buriram is currently being hit by a severe drought in spite of current rainy season which has featured downpours in nearby areas.

The reservoir, namely Huay Jorakhe Mak (literally translating as ”swamp of many crocodiles”) in Tambon Samet of Buriram’s provincial district, which would be otherwise considered a watershed, has encountered the critical drought despite the influences of tropical storm Mujigae.

However, Buriram’s Provincial Waterworks Authority will finance the planned pumping of about seven million cubic meters of water from a canal in Lam Plai Mat District to fill the reservoir and prevent a shortage of water supply in dry season.

Kitikul Serasiraporn, director of Buriram Irrigation Project, said water levels at 16 reservoirs throughout the northeastern province were somewhat worrisome due to scanty rainfalls so far this year.

If Huay Jorakhe Mak reservoir was not given supplementary water, the reservoir would only be able to supply water until next March. For that reason, local villagers and farmers are asked to use water sparingly and avoid planting crops which might need a lot of water so that water could be saved for possible emergency uses.