Bueng Kan’s monkeys hit with food shortage from severe drought


BUENG KAN, 12 March 2014 The severe drought this year has affected not just human beings but also wild animals. 

More than 300 monkeys in the northern province of Beung Kan have been facing the problems of food shortage brought on by severe drought.

Given trees in the community forest are bearing no fruit in the arid heat of summer, monkeys living in the area have to survive on food given by tourists visiting the ancestor shrine in Seka district. However, the amount of food handed out is insufficient, forcing them to steal it from villages nearby.

With the belief that these monkeys belong to the holy spirit looking after everyone in the area, villagers have been trying to feed them as much as possible.

As this troop of monkeys has been part of Seka’s community forest, residents have been trying to promote it as a tourist attraction in Bueng Kan province.