Bruda whale carcass found in Chumphon


CHUMPHON, Nov 29 – The carcass of a Bruda whale, weighing an estimated 20 tonnes, was found on the shoreline of this southern province near King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology (KMIT) Ladkrabang, Chumphon campus.

Atichart Inthongkam, a fisheries biologist from the Marine and Coastal Resources Research Centre for Central Gulf of Thailand, inspected the remains of the whale, which washed ashore in the bay in front of KMIT in Pathiu district.

Mr Atichart said that the whale was measured at 15 metres long and weighing around 20 tonnes.

The expert said he could not identify whether it was a male or female whale because the carcass was decomposing. He believed that it had died more than 10 days.

Mr Atichart said he has collected samples of its bones, flesh and skin for further analysis as the cause of death could not yet be identified.

The remains of the whale were buried at the shore to prevent the smell of the rotten body to annoy local residents.