British Man ends his life at local shooting range


At 1:10 pm on 15th January the police and emergency services were called to a shooting range in central Pattaya as a man had committed suicide using one of the facilities firearms.

At the scene they found the body of 43 year old Mr. Andrew Michael Davis from the UK, he had shot him self in the face using a .357 revolver, the gun was lying nearby and still had five of the bullets in its cartridge.

An employee of the shooting range stated that the deceased had rented a .357 revolver with 20 bullets for shooting practice and he had fired off a number of bullets when all of a sudden he turned the gun on him self, placed the nozzle under his chin and pulled the trigger.

The police hypothesized that Mr. Davis must have been in extremely tense circumstances to want to end his life in this way, the evidence was collected and the body will be sent to the Police Hospital’s Forensic Department for an autopsy and the British Embassy have been informed of the death.

The police at this stage do not know where Mr Davis was staying and if anyone can help they should contact the Pattaya Police station.