Brit drugged and robbed by Thai woman


On the afternoon of the 29th of January the police and a crew from the sawang boriboon foundation attended the Jasmine villa on Soi Buakhao as the staff there reported that one of their guests 70 year old Brian Herbert Richmond had been drugged and robbed by a Thai woman.

Mr Richmond from the UK, was in a confused state and was unable to give a coherent statement so he was transferred to Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

The receptionist told the police that at about 1am Mr Richmond had come back to the apartment with a good looking Thai woman aged between 20 and 30 years old.

At 8 in the morning the woman left the apartment alone and Mr Richmond didn’t come out of his room until the afternoon where it was apparent that he had been drugged.

Upon inspecting Mr Richmond’s room the safe had been broken into and was empty also Mr Richmond’s mobile phone, wristwatch and gold rings were also missing.

The police have called on a forensic team to take fingerprints from the room and will have to wait for Mr Richmond to recover before they can get a description of the woman and a clear picture of what was stolen.