Brazil selected as favorites to take World Cup crown


BANGKOK, 11 June 2014  – Bloomberg News has surveyed a total of 171 economists from 139 companies across 52 countries on who would become the World Cup champions this year.

The survey requires that the voters select four best teams and rank them accordingly. The first ranked team would get 10 points, followed by 4.5 points, 4 points, and 1 point for teams that came in second, third, and last.

Ninety-two of the poll’s respondents have voted Brazil to become World Champions. According to poll results, Brazil scored 1270.5 points, closely followed by Germany at 763 points, Argentina at 641 points, and former World Cup champions Spain at 614.5 points.

Seventy-two respondents also believe that Brazil would be the team that would score the most goals in the World Cup, with Argentina trailing behind, followed by Spain and Germany.