Border trade grows 1.16% in 2019’s first half


Bangkok – Despite an overall reduction in exports, the value of trade at and through border areas has continued to grow, especially shipments through neighboring countries into China.

The Department of Foreign Trade Director General Adul Chotinisakorn revealed the overall figure from border and through border trade in the first 6 months of 2019 is recorded at 686.437 billion baht, which represents 1.16 percent growth and a 76.973 billion baht trade surplus.

Malaysia remains the number one trade partner with 270 billion baht trade value, followed by Myanmar at 100 billion baht, Laos at 99 billion baht and Cambodia at 8 billion baht, while southern China continues to be the top partner for through-border trade with 59.54 billion baht trade value, a 39.45 percent increase, followed by Vietnam at 38.565 billion baht, and Singapore at 34.908 billion baht.

The most popular products for export to neighboring countries include steel, industrial goods, processed oil, automobile and construction materials.

Factors affecting border and through border trade include a strong Thai baht currency, unstable regional currencies and trade war affecting consumers and global investors.

Border and through border trade in the latter half of this year is expected to continue growing and reach a 1.6 trillion baht goal set by the Ministry of Commerce.