Bombs detonated on two railway tracks in Narathiwat Province


NARATHIWAT, 14 May 2014  – Insurgents have planted bombs on two separate railway tracks at the Ra-Ngae and Cho-I-Rong Districts of Narathiwat Province. Fortunately, nobody has been hurt so far.

The bombs were placed beneath the railway tracks and were detonated around 4AM today (May 14th), causing disruption in the train routes.

Mr. Alawi U-Mar, a train station official at Sungai-Kolok District, revealed that the attacks have caused operators to halt all train services. As of now, the workers from the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) have come to assess the damages so that repair procedures could be done quickly and train services could be resumed back to normal.

Passengers who travel by train are encouraged to go to the Yala Train Station instead. However, they are not allowed to use train route number 448 that runs through Sungai-Kolok District and Surat Thani province. All passengers who are stranded on the Sungai-Kolok station are allowed to get a refund for their ticket prices.


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