Bombings at Farmhouse bread warehouse in Chiang Mai


CHIANG MAI, April 28 — An M-79 grenade and a RGD 5 hand grenade were hurled into a baked goods warehouse in Chiang Mai’s San Kamphaeng district early today, damaging two trucks but apparently injuring no workers.

Police said the blasts occurred at around 4am, as two explosives fell into the warehouse parking lot.

Bomb fragments slightly damaged two delivery trucks. At the time of the incident, workers were separating baked  goods for delivery to customers.

The CCTV footage caught moment when four suspected bombers parked their motorcycles in front of the compound before they threw the bombs into the premises.

The explosives, comprised M-79 and RDG 5 hand grenades tied together, hit the pavement in the middle of parking lot, damaging two six wheel trucks.

Police found the explosives’ trigger mechanisms at the scene.

The police initially believed assailants may be the same group behind bombings at a PTT gas station in Nong Hoi subdistrict and at Chiangmai Beverage Co, an affiliate of Boonrawd Brewery Co in Saraphi, late last month. There has been no significant progress in either investigation.