Bomb threat halts southern interprovincial train


NARATHIWAT, Sept 3 – Thai train service between the Thailand’s southernmost province of Yala and Su-ngai Kolok district in the southern border province of Narathiwat was halted Monday morning after a two-pronged bomb alert.

Police were informed of suspected bombs at two locations in Narathiwat: near a bridge at Ban Johwa in Su-ngai Padi subdistrict and at Km 1125, about 300 metres from Toh Deng railway station.

The train, which had left Yala bound for Su-ngai Kolok district, was immediately stopped.

Bomb experts rushed to inspect the scene near Ban Johwa only to find that it was a hoax. At the second location at Km1125, security personnel found a bomb, weighing 1.5kg, in a metal box buried underground.