BOI Fair showcases Thailand’s high technology, innovations


BANGKOK, Jan 5 – Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) today officially opened the BOI Fair 2011, scheduled through Jan 20 at the Impact Muang Thong Thani exhibition centre, marking the end of the massive flood crisis, and the drive to full recovery.

Held under the theme “Going Green for the Future”, the fair not only aims to showcase high technology and innovations but also to stimulate economic activity, rebuilding investor confidence in Thailand after last year’s massive flood.

The recent flood crisis led to postponement of the BOI Fair 2011, part of the celebration on the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King’s 84th birthday on 5 Dec 2011 and to highlight the country’s potential as an investment location.

For the safety of exhibitors and visitors, the fair was postponed from the originally scheduled Nov 10-25, 2011 to Jan 5-20, 2012.

Minister of Industry Wannarat Channukul said earlier that the BOI Fair 2011, BOI’s third fair, would be a significant event that not only showcases advanced technologies, enhances the country’s image and promotes investment opportunity in Thailand, but also would serve as a platform for Thais to show the power of love and harmony that will move the country forward after the flood catastrophe.

The BOI Fair 2011 covers an area almost 300,000 square metres, including open-air activities and exhibits in 84 pavilions occupied by some 30 leading Thai and multinational companies with the Royal Pavilion as the main highlight.

Outdoor activities arrayed around the lake will showcase technological achievements and innovations by BOI-promoted foreign and Thai companies, showing the potential for the future.

In addition, there are indoor exhibitions held in Impact’s Challenger 1-2-3 areas, Hall 9 and other special activities, including a CEO Forum, and more than 200 seminars.

BOI Fair 2011 is Asia’s first international low carbon fair aiming to reduce carbon emissions.

It includes exhibits by the Ministry of Industry, tourism promotion activities, exhibits organised by embassies and chambers of commerce, and displays of selected products that are outstanding examples of applied traditional Thai wisdom.

The Challenger 1-3 buildings also offer various products for sale. Exhibitions focus on Thailand’s successes and potential, ranging from agriculture to industry and service.

Merchandise on sale include 5-star OTOP products, economically-priced high-quality consumer goods, appliances, household décor items, ready-to-wear clothing, beverages, and tasty dishes from all four Thai regions in BOI’s “Four-Regions Feast.”

BOI Secretary-General Atchaka Sibunraung said she believed that some 5 million people will visit the fair, 310,000 daily visitors on average.

More than Bt2 million would be circulated by shoppers buying quality products and  companies showcasing their products are expected to receive orders for their products valued at least Bt3 billion.