BMA holds “Returning Happiness to the People” in Chatuchak district


BANGKOK, 15 June 2014 – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has organized the activity “Returning Happiness to the People” in the hope to create reconciliation and unity among people in the country. 

Deputy Governor of Bangkok Chumphon Samphaophon on Sunday presided over the opening ceremony of the activity in Chatuchak district. Mr Chumphon said Bangkok was the area which had been directly affected by the political turmoil for over seven months. The BMA therefore organized the “Returning Happiness to the People” for them and hoped that it would help bring them together. The activity would be continuously arranged in all 50 districts in Bangkok, the BMA executive said.

The activity was held with the cooperation of all sectors including the Royal Thai Army, the Government Savings Bank and the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority. There were concerts from secondary school students and famous artists as well as vocational training, Thai massages, health check-ups and free food and beverages provided for the general public.