BMA containing oil spill in Chao Phraya River


BANGKOK, 7 June 2014 – Bangkok City Hall officials worked on Friday to contain the oil spilled onto the Chao Phraya River by a capsized fishing boat in Khlong San district.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s hazardous material emergency response team was observed trying to contain the spread of the spilled diesel fuel at Khlong San Pier, with the oil slick having covered a radius of about 40 meters from the capsized boat.

Phaithun Ngammuk, chief of City Hall’s hazard materials response unit(hazmat), said oil dispersant was being sprayed onto the slick to help with aeration and reduce the smell affecting locals and commuters passing through the area. He expects the spill will be dealt with by Friday night, after which the hazmat team will maintain their monitoring until the boat has been salvaged; any additional spilling of fuel from the boat will be dealt with in a similar manner.