BMA confirms no case of rabies virus spread from pet rabbits to humans


BANGKOK, 5 August 2012  – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has confirmed that there has been no spread of rabies virus from pet rabbits to humans. 

Deputy Bangkok Governor Dr. Malinee Sukavejworakit revealed on Saturday that the BMA has checked and found that a pet rabbit has been infected with rabies virus.

The inspection was made following reports on an infected rabbit’s attack on humans.

Dr. Malinee conceded that the cause of rabies infection in the rabbit could not be verified and an initial assumption stated that the virus might originate from the rabbit itself due to its nature of caging and no history of being bitten by any dog or other animals.

She said that all related agencies will have a meeting on the issue again on Monday, August 6th to formulate safety and education programs for the public, which are also aimed to help calm down those who are worried about the alleged spread.

The Deputy Governor is confident that the BMA will have the situation under control, especially after rabies vaccination has been provided for the family which owns the troubled rabbit, and for more than 100 people living in the radius of 5 kilometers from this family, as well as some 20 pets of theirs.

She has assured that a close surveillance has been commenced while asking pet owners who suspect that their animals might be infected, to bring their pets to the nearest veterinarians as soon as possible.