Blacklisting terrorist supporters vital to Thailand’s security: AMLO


BANGKOK, June 7 – About 4,000 people blacklisted for financially supporting terrorists in Thailand will be thoroughly scrutinised before legal action is taken against them, a senior official said today.

Seehanat Prayoonrat, Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) secretary general, said some names in the list were lifted after officials found their innocence.

The list of 4,000 people was finalised after the enforcement of the Anti-Terrorist Financial Act on February 2, he said, adding that the legislation was in accordance with the United Nations Security Council’s resolution and on the  recommendation of the Financial Action Task Force.

He gave assurances that the list was carefully compiled and thoroughly checked by a task force comprising several security agencies.

The task force resolved to submit the list to the Attorney General for consideration before forwarding it to the court for a disclosure approval.

He said the blacklist will impede suspected financiers from supporting terrorists and imposes heavy penalties on offenders.

Mr Seehanat expressed hope that it will alleviate terrorism, and not will intensify the southern violence or obstruct the government’s peace process.