BKK police raided over 10,000 homes during operation against drugs


BANGKOK, 2 August 2011-Bangkok Metro Police, Police Major General Auepong Komalakul Na Nakorn said over 2000 arrests were made on drug related charges in Bangkok during the police operation against illicit drugs last month. 

In the 315 operations, police had raided 15,484 homes and 346 communities based on the reports. The operation begun on 19 July, 2011 and ended yesterday. 2,477 perpetrators were arrested with 171 of them being charged for selling narcotics.

460 others were allegedly in the possession of drugs while 1,846 more were found to have the history of drug abuse. Police had seized 22,001 amphetamines, 899 grams of crystal meth and 81 packages of marijuana during the raids.

In addition, 3 dealers were also arrested in the possession of weaponry which includes guns and bullets. However, the police were able to convince drug addicts to go to the rehab centers to get clean.