‘Bike’ Jing Jai Project


Kind bikers pedalled for charity and  raised funds to help build a new shelter for children for a better life. Mr. Ithipol Kunplume the Mayor of Pattaya presided over the launching of  the first Bike Jing Jai Project in front of city hall on the 29th of October.

Ms. Piangta Chaumnoi the Managing Director of Baan Jing Jai Foundation explained that they already have the land for a new home for the children and this event will be one of many that will help to get the much needed money to make the new home a reality. The bikers set off from Pattaya towards Rayong where they stayed overnight. The entire distance was 150 kms, apart from participating in the activities, the bikers received full support and encouragement from the children of Baan Jing Jai who cheered from the cars throughout the journey.