Bhutanese ambassador visits Loei community enterprise


LOEI – The Ambassador of Bhutan to Thailand has visited Loei province, to observe the operations of Ban Tha Di Mi community enterprise producing plates made from areca palm fiber.

At Ban Tha Di Mi village in Chiang Khan district, Loei province, the Governor of Loei, Chaiwat Chuenkosum welcomed the Ambassador of Bhutan and the permanent representative to UN-ESCAP Tshewang Chopel Dorji, on his visit to observe operations at Ban Tha Di Mi community enterprise.

Ban Tha Di Mi community enterprise produces plates and food containers made from areca palm fiber. The Bhutanese ambassador has shown interest in the concept, as well as the manufacturing process, and the usage of this product.

Since November last year, Ban Tha Di Mi community enterprise has maintained operations by some 20 villagers selected by Loei Provincial Community Development Office. Products from areca palm fiber can be used to replace food containers made from foam. The manufacturing process and equipment were brought in from India, with one week training provided to villagers.

The community enterprise has achieved good business performance in its one year of operations, receiving orders from across the country. It has also served as a learning center for interested persons and helped produce eco-friendly products.

Ban Tha Di Mi community enterprise currently has partners in nine provinces, working together to market the products and source materials.


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