Belgian attacked after Belgian dispute


Police and the sawang boriboon volunteers rushed to a tailors shop as a man from Belgium had been assaulted.

39 year old Gianni Belaore had been struck on the head and was bleeding badly; the volunteers transferred him to the Bangkok hospital Pattaya for treatment.

Meanwhile the police interviewed the shop owner Kasem Sornkhamthong, who stated that Belaore had parked his car outside the shop, however the sun was reflecting into the shop and blinding Kasem so he asked Belaore to move his car a bit.

Belaore refused and started to become aggressive and stated that he was a police officer and an official at the Belgium Embassy.

Kasem returned to his shop and called the police as he could see that this situation was going to escalate.

However it was at this point that a motorbike came along and someone on the bike smashed Belaore across the head.

Kasem was able to confirm this by showing the police some CCTV footage.

Upon arriving at the hospital Belaore was acting wildly and refused to pay for any treatment before checking himself out.

The Police contacted the Belguim embassy to find that Belaore was not a policeman nor was he an official at the embassy and in fact he had been arrested as his passport had expired.