Banglamung accident-watch mobile units during Songkran


Banglamung Police care for citizens opens citizens’ service and accidents reduction center at Mitkamol intersection during Songkran

Banglamung Station with Banglamung Station’s Nongprue branch and other volunteering agencies prepare for 7 risky days from 11-17th April by installing citizens service and accidents reduction center during Songkran at Mitkamol intersection

At 4:30 pm on 11th April, 2012, Mr. Mai Chaiyanit, Nongprue Municipal mayor, presided over the opening of Citizens Servicing and Accidents Reduction Center at Mitkamol intersection during Songkran with Mr. Theerawit Thongnok, Nongprue Municipality’s Chief, Pol. Lt. Col. Supachat Piemmanas, deputy superintendent of Banglamung Station, Pol. Lt. Col. Pongrapee Loisai-or, Acting chief of Banglamung Station Nongprue branch and members of Nongprue Municipality attended the ceremony at Mitkamol intersection Moo 7  Nongprue Banglamung Chonburi. The center will be collaboration between Banglamung Station, Banglamung Station Nongprue branch, Nongprue Municipality’s officials, Nongprue’s civil defense volunteers, volunteer police, Sawang Boriboon Thummasathan officers in keeping a watch out on the 7 dangerous days from 11-17th April. Every Songkran has a high toll of accidents, deaths, damages to assets, therefore, it is vital that the government agencies cooperate to help citizens by setting the Citizens Service and Accidents Reduction center at Mitkamol intersection for citizens to inquire directions and traffic information during Songkran including decreasing road accidents.

Mr. Mai Chaiyanit, Nongprue Municipality Mayor, stated, ‘ Every Year, during Songkran there are deaths and losses to assets including high number of road accidents, thus, the government had campaigned in 2011 promoting wearing of helmets to 100% and sponsoring Safe Travelling in the Decade 2012-2021 . Therefore, Nongprue municipal has sponsored the said- projects to create awareness in commuters to follow traffic rules for a reduction in chances of accidents leading to deaths, a common occurrence during Songkran festival. I would also like to thank all agencies sponsoring the center for servicing citizens and reducing accidents at Mitkamol intersection.’

Pol. Lt. Col. Pongrapee Loisai-or, acting chief of Banglamung Station Nongprue branch, disclosed, ‘The center will have 20 police officers and other agencies’ volunteers on watch for the 7 risky days, offering help to citizens on directions or traffic information in Pattaya City and helping with the traffic. My goal is that Nongprue accidents will decrease to 33 this year, the first accident was at 12:07 pm on 11th April, 2012 at Boonsampan road, there were no injuries.’

Mrs. Ampao Somprasong, 68, civil defense officer of Nongprue, disclosed, ‘I have been working with the civil defense of Nongprue for 5 years as I wanted to productively utilize my time in helping Pattaya citizens to be safe and enjoy Songkran’

Mr. Tom Prasertsuk, 31, Nongprue Municipal officer, stated, ‘Working for 5 years as a Nongprue employee, I do not want to see accidents because apart from wasting time and assets, lives may be lost. Therefore, citizens should follow the traffic rules and have their wits together, not resort to carelessness that may lead to accidents which may bring harm to themselves or others.’