Thai school students rally for ‘Democracy’


BANGKOK – Triam Udom Suksa School has become the latest high school in Bangkok holding a protest following the disbandment of the Future Forward Party (FFP) by the Constitutional Court.

The Court on Friday ruled to dissolve the FFP and ban its executives from politics for ten years for receiving loans from the party leader Thanathorn Jungroongruangkit.

Students of many universities have staged pro-democracy demonstrations since the weekend.  They were followed by high school students this week.

Alumni joined current student in the protest at the prestigious Triam Udom Suksa Thursday morning.

Some students expressed their grievances on the political situation before releasing their statement which slams the military junta who staged the 2014 coup.

The statement says the students exercise their rights to freedom expression against authoritarianism.

The students also sang their school and cheerleading songs.

Other student groups from many schools gathered at the Democracy Monument while others joined university students’ rallies at campuses.