Bangkok officials bringing order in inner city


BANGKOK,(NNT) – Bangkok administrators have cleaned up the Soi Moh Leng area of Ratchathewi and set up a fence around Ratchatewiphirom Park following complaints of vehicles parking on the sidewalk and obstructing foot traffic.


Adviser to the Bangkok Governor Wallop Suwandee has carried out an inspection of the sidewalk clean up launched in Soi Moh Leng of Ratchatewi district. The process was prompted by complaints that automobiles were using the sidewalk for parking, damaging the road. Other reports in the indicated some citizens had set up hawker stands, further obstructing pedestrians.

Wallop acknowledged finding obstructions on the footpath, including motorcycles. He has coordinated with police to remove the vehicles and has called for municipal authorities to inspect all nearby areas for similar misuse.

Meanwhile, Bangkok officials made known they are still speaking with a community set up underneath Din Daeng Tollway, which despite agreeing to move to a new location selected by authorities have asked if they can delay the move until the end of the school term. They have also asked for assistance in transporting their belongings.