Bangkok may close Kamphaengpetch 3 road to unite public parks


Bangkok – Bangkok authorities are preparing to hold a referendum on closing off Kamphaengpetch 3 road after completing the renovation of three public parks covering a total 720 rai so that the three may be connected to create a single citywide green space.

Deputy Bangkok Governor Chakkaphan Piewngam has led an inspection of work to connect Queen Sirikit Park, which covers 196 rai, Wachirabenchatat Park (375 rai), and Chatuchak Park (155 rai). All three have been restored and are now ready to provide city dwellers with expansive natural space.

A major inspection of the possibilities will take place in late December before a referendum is held on closing off the road, which is situated between Wachirabenchatat Park and Chatuchak Park and is often illegally used for parking. Once closed, travel between the three parks would be significantly more convenient. The referendum is likely to take place in January 2019.