Bangkok-Korat high speed rail project to break ground in November


Bangkok (AP) – The Ministry of Transport expects construction of the first stretch of the Bangkok – Nakhon Ratchasima high speed rail project to commence in November.

The deputy Transport Ministry permanent-secretary said the first stretch on the Bangkok – Nakhon Ratchasima route will be built to cover 3.5 kilometers.  The project will be implemented by the State Railway of Thailand in cooperation with China.

He said a recent meeting with the Chinese set the starting date for Contract Number 2.1 with civil design scheduled to commence on 9 October 2017, while the first group of Chinese engineers is being trained and tested by the Thai Council of Engineers.

After the engineers have passed qualification tests and completed their work, they will hand over the legal blueprints and details to the State Railway of Thailand for further work according to the contract.

The Chinese engineers will have to pass the test on legal and ethical codes for foreign engineers in Thailand as well as technical details such as the soil conditions, waterways, drainage systems and engineering and environmental safety measures.