Bangkok dust levels close to normal


Bangkok – The Pollution Control Department reports dust levels in Bangkok are falling back to normal.

Air quality monitoring stations have indicated a gradual decline in fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) in most areas except the Thanon Intharaphithak area in Thonburi district where PM 2.5 particles are still above the standard level at 45-54 micrograms per cubic meter.

The Meteorological Department has forecast moderate weather for Bangkok. The temperature is likely to drop by 1-3 degrees Celsius, with morning fogs and 88 percent humidity. The capital city has a 20-30 percent chance of rain until 21st February.

Residents in areas with high levels of PM 2.5 who have respiratory tract disorders and cardiovascular disease are advised to put on face masks when going outdoors and to see a doctor if any health irregularities are detected.

All sectors are cautioned against any activities that might raise pollution, such as burning garbage, unsystematic building demolition and driving poorly maintained vehicles.