Ayutthaya to hand out water-economizing crops


AYUTTHAYA– Agriculturists in Ayutthaya will be given saplings of drought-resistant crops as part of the province’s policy to reduce farmers’ operating expenses.

Chief of the Ayutthaya Provincial Agricultural Extension Office Paisarn Sangmongkol stated that water-saving plants, such as green bean and a variety of vegetables, will soon be distributed to more than 10,000 local farmers. The move is one of the assistance measures adopted by the province, with a view to helping the farmers cut their costs of production.

The handout of the alternative crops followed the success of a previous program, which persuaded off-season rice farmers to switch to other crops that would require less water to grow. The program resulted in a shorter cultivation period and brought higher income to participants.

Another aid measure for local farmers is also being carried out by Ayutthaya province. Their needs have been surveyed and compiled while over 300 projects worth about 119 million baht have been prepared.