Ayutthaya eradicates motorcycle racing on public roads


Ayutthaya, 10 June 2013 Ayutthaya authorities arrested more than 100 motorcycle riders over the weekend for involving in unlawful street racing and confiscating several illegally modified bikes. 

Ayutthaya Police chief, Police Colonel Chaiya Petchpanya, led an assault team closing Rojana Road, which cuts across the Asian Highway, in order to intercept the racing gang in the vicinity of Klong Suan Phlu Sub-district.

The move followed reports from locals enraged by noisy and dangerous street racing of teenage gangs in the area.

According to the police report, 83 youths aged between 15 and 25 were arrested. Authorities were able to confiscate 80 bikes used in the unauthorized race. Narcotics examination was also conducted on the riders involved. Police disclosed, if found guilty of using addictive substance, the riders will also be charged accordingly.

The police also summoned parents of the young racers to acknowledge the behavior of their children. Police Colonel Chaiya said he has instructed his subordinates not to give leniency to the offenders. In case of an effort to intervene in the case by officials or provincial politicians, he said the police will submit the names of the officials involved to provincial governor, Wittaya Piewpong, for disciplinary investigation.