Autistic Thai Foundation offers water therapy in Kalasin


KALASIN – The Autistic Thai Foundation organized a water therapy campaign for children with autism in bid to help with their muscle strength, focus and swimming skill.

Kalasin Provincial Social Development and Human Security head official Patwira Suwan presided over the opening ceremony for the water therapy activity arranged by the Autistic Thai Foundation, Kalasin Office, to give the opportunity for children with autism to relax, exercise their muscles and better their focus.

The activity is provided by swimming teachers from Maha Sarakham province who take care throughout the two-day swimming training course and 11 days of practices.

Autistic Thai Foundation Chairwoman Somkid Sutiprom said children with autism have difficulties to communicate, imagine, and lack of social skills, but proper care and rehabilitation will help improve their development.

She said water therapy is one of the methods to stimulate muscle development and relax the muscle, promoting better focus and discipline, and enable children with autism to help themselves in case of accidents in water.

The provincial social development official has said the Autistic Thai Foundation Kalasin Office, and the network of Thung Sri Muang Prachawit sister schools give high priority towards the care of children with autism, and have continuously provided rehabilitation activities to improve their quality of life.

She added that teachers, doctors, parents, the community and the society play a great role on the improvement in the children’s life quality, allowing them to help themselves and live happily in the society.

The water therapy activity has received financial support from the Fund for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities.