Authorities alerted to nude planking


BANGKOK, 21 June 2011 – People especially teenagers are warned to perform planking carefully and appropriately after photos of some foreigners performing nude planking are spreading on the internet. 

Cultural Surveillance Centre Director Ladda Tangsupachai reported that photos of some people performing planking in inappropriate ways such as nude planking in fish tanks, bathtubs or in other public places were widespread; however, most of them were foreigners.

Ms Ladda said she found such a photo terrifying because performing nude planking in fish tank required plankers to tense their neck and body, leading to risk of getting cramp and therefore drowning to death. She added that they might get electric shock if electricity system of the fish tank failed.

The director then warned people against performing nude planking although their genitals would not be unveiled. She said such photos should not be publicized, especially in facebook pages.

Ms Ladda stressed that people publicizing photos of nude planking are violating the 2007 Computer Crime Act. She disclosed that the Ministry of Culture will ask the police and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology to block access to photos of inappropriate planking.