Attorney General reviews decision to not indict ex-PM Thaksin


BANGKOK, OCT 29 – Thailand’s Attorney General will review an earlier decision not to press terrorism charge against former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, according to its spokesman.

Nantasak Poolsak said the move was in response to a complaint to the Office of the Attorney General seeking to revise the earlier conclusion by then attorney general Chulasingh Vasantasingh not to indict Mr Thaksin for instigating the mass rally which led to a large-scale political upheaval in Bangkok in 2010.

Newly-appointed Attorney General Athapol Yaisawang set up a committee to discuss Mr Chulasingh’s decision against the indictment and promised to treat the case fairly.

It depends on whether the committee finds new evidence to charge Mr Thaksin and reverse the former attorney general’s decision, said Mr Nantasak.

Vinai Damrongmongkolkul, inspector general, will lead the investigation committee. Mr Vinai was director general of the Special Case Department and spokesman in Mr Chulasingh’s administration.

Watcharin Panurattana, deputy spokesman, said it was the attorney general’s authority to seek the extradition of a suspect abroad if the case was pending the court’s verdict.

If a culprit flees the country after a court judgement, the court is in charge of issuing an arrest warrant, while the National Police Bureau and the Foreign Ministry are responsible for bringing him back to the country, he said.