Asian countries cooperating on water management and flood prevention


BANGKOK, 7 November 2013 Representatives from Asian countries have gathered in Bangkok to discuss water management and flood prevention. as they will be keeping eyes on areas surrounding 4 main rivers. 

Thailand has played host to a workshop on water management and prevention in South Asia and South East Asia. Speaking after presiding over the opening ceremony, Minister for Agriculture Yukol Limlamthong urged that all countries need to draw up concrete measures to prevent floods, especially in areas around the 4 main rivers: the Mekong, Chao Phraya, Ayeyarwady, and Kongka. According to him, these areas are the world’s important bread baskets, as most of the rice consumed around the world come from these areas. However, most of the countries which the 4 main rivers pass through have lately been affected by natural disasters and climate change, which pose a major threat to the world’s food resources.

The minister has, therefore, called for more cooperation from all countries in order to prevent natural disasters and stabilize the future of food industry.

According to him, the Thai government has been placing its emphasis on the matter, citing the agricultural zoning idea as one of the solutions. Agricultural zoning is a specialized form of zoning used by communities that seek to preserve their agricultural bases.