Artificial insemination on Panda ‘Lin Hiu’ successful


CHIANG MAI, 16 July 2015 – Chiang Mai Zoo has successfully carried out an artificial insemination on female Giant Panda ‘Lin Hui’.

Zoological Organization of Thailand Director Benjapol Nakprasert, Acting Chiang Mai Zoo Director Nipon Wichairat and Chief Research of the Panda Project Dr. Baripat Siriarunrat have joined a press conference to announce that Lin Hiu could be expecting a baby in 100 days.

According to them, the female panda, Lin Hui, was showing a series of behaviors that only occur in pandas that are ready to mate. They added the high level of estrogen found in Lin Hui means that the panda has already ovulated.

They suspected that the ovulation could have taken place on June 21st. The team will continue to monitor the giant panda to confirm her pregnancy within 60 days after the ovulation.

They have promised to take good care of Lin Hui to reduce her stress. Ultrasound scans will also be carried out intermittently to see if there is an embryo developing in her womb.