Army expresses condolences for the death of a corporal from heat stroke


The army commander-in-chief has expressed condolence for the death of a corporal who collapsed from heat stroke while undergoing drill at an army camp in Kanchanaburi in mid-June, army spokesman Colonel Winthai Suvaree said Friday.


Corporal Panya Ngernrian was ordered by his drill master to run five laps around the camp as part of the daily exercise. But after having run three laps, he collapsed apparent from heat stroke and later sent to the camp’s hospital for treatment. However, his condition did not improve and was transferred to Phra Mongkut hospital where he was hospitalized for 12 days before he died on Wednesday.

Colonel Winthai insisted that the victim had not been abused by his drill master. He said that the drill master did not expect the victim would collapse because he was still young.

He said the army commander-in-chief, General Thirachai Narkvanich had ordered all army units, especially the medics, to step up medical checkups for conscripts and personnel undergoing training to prevent a repeat of such a tragedy.