Another teacher killed in Narathiwat


NARATHIWAT, Dec 4  — Another teacher was killed in Narathiwat last night while riding her motorcycle home from school. The victim became the second woman teacher slain by presumed insurgents in 11 days. 

Identified as Chatsuda Nilsuwan, a 32 year old teacher at  Ban Ta-ngo School in Marue-ok subdistrict, Cho Airong district of Narathiwat, the victim was shot dead by attackers on another motorcycle after leaving school on her motorcycle going home to Su-ngai Padi district, around three kilometres away.

Her body was found on the roadside in Ta-ngo village. She was still wearing her helmet but her motorcycle was taken by presumed insurgents.

Ms Chatsuda was believed to have been working late to prepare a performance report and did not inform the security agency seeking any protection when she left school at 6pm. The attackers may have seen her as a target of opportunity.

Her death raises the death toll among teachers to 155 who have been killed since the southern violence erupted in 2004.

She was the second female teacher shot dead in 11 days. Nanthana Kaewchan, principal of Ban Tha Kam Sam School in Pattani’s Nong Chik district, was gunned down on November 22.

Her death prompted more than 300 schools in Pattani to close to pressure the authorities for more effective security protection.

After being reassured of protection, teachers allowed all Pattani schools to reopen normally yesterday.