Another massive runoff expected in Chiang Mai tonight


CHIANG MAI, 29 September 2011 -Chiang Mai Governor M.L Panadda Disakul expected another round of massive runoff tonight which could increase the level of flood to that of last night. 

The Governor said after visiting affected homes and distributing food and other necessities that the situation had not improved. He added that the Hydrology and Water Management Center warned of the water runoff from the Ping River which was expected to reach the city of Chiang Mai at 03.00 hrs.

The flood level in the city could once again reach 4.90 meters like last night. Residents have been under mandatory evacuation if the situation exacerbates. 5 knockdown houses have been provided to food victims in Fang district.

M.L Panadda is reportedly going to propose to the Cabinet a budget allocation of 240 million THB to cover the damage occurred in Fang, Mae Ai and Mae Taeng districts.