Amateur forger caught using fake currency


A second hand dealer on Thepprasit road called police on the morning of the 14th of September as he had detained a customer who had tried to use counterfeit banknotes.

The police rushed to the shop where the owner Mr. Seri, his girlfriend and neighbors were holding 26 year old Chaknarong Sornsoi. Mr Seri gave his statement to the police saying that Chaknarong had came into his store and decided to buy a computer for 4,000 baht, the owner took the PC out to Chaknarong motorbike and Chaknarong handed him the money.

The money that was made using A4 paper is put on display.

When Mr Seri returned to the shop he was able to see the notes more clearly and realized that they were fake, so he ran outside and shouted for help, thankfully people nearby got to Chaknarong before he took off on his motorbike. The police then searched Chaknarong room in soi Korpai where they found a total of 51,100 baht of fake currency which had been made using standard A4 paper.

Chaknarong told the police that he had photocopied the notes for fun but realized that they were pretty good copies so tried to use them. He added that this was the first time he had tried to use them, the police however are not convinced and urge anybody who has been given fake notes to contact the police station.

Amateur forger caught using fake currency