All passengers safe after French cruise ship hits rock


PHUKET, Nov 25  – One hundred and fifty people have been safely rescued after being stranded on a cruise ship that ran aground near Thailand’s Phi Phi Ley Island.

The French cruise ship La Belle Des Oceans was travelling from Lanta Island to Phuket when it hit the underwater rock around 3 am Monday morning.

A naval ship was dispatched in a rescue mission and successfully transferred all passengers and crew members to Phuket Deep Sea Port at 10 am.

The Royal Thai Navy has sent a helicopter to inspect the 100-meter-long vessel which has slightly tilted from breaching seawater.  The front hull of the cruise ship has been breached.

La Belle Des Ocean is owned by Phuket Shipping Company.

All passengers, 60 Filipinos and 20 Croatian, and the 70 crew members are safe. (TNA)