Agriculture Ministry to launch safe meat campaign


BANGKOK, 11 Feb 2015 – The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives will be launching a safe meat campaign at Yingcharoen Market in Bangkok on Friday to enhance the public awareness of the importance of safe meat consumption.

The campaign is scheduled to kick off shortly before the Chinese New Year to ensure that meat sellers supply quality products to buyers, as the demand for pork, poultry and eggs usually surges during the Chinese New Year.

The high demand for meat, coupled with a temperature drop in winter which is conducive to the spread of virus in animals, has prompted fears that some of meat products available in markets would be taken from substandard slaughter houses or derived from sick animals.

The Livestock Development Department which supervises the activity will educate consumers how to choose safe and quality meat and eggs. One of the simple tips is to look for the sign showing the letter Q, which is the quality assurance sign awarded by the Livestock Development Department to operators passing the Department’s standards.

There are currently 9,000 animal farms, 1,874 slaughterhouses and 4,000 meat markets whose hygienic standards have been certified by the Department across the country.

The safe meat campaign will kick off on Friday, February 13 at Yingcharoen Market in Bangkok.