Agriculture Ministry has measures to cope with farm chemicals


BANGKOK – The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Mananya Thaiset, said the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has prepared plans to tackle the effects caused by three farm chemicals after the National Hazardous Substances Committee resolved to delay a ban on the substances.

The Senate meeting on Monday asked the Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, about the declaration of the three agricultural chemicals as category 4 toxic substances and asked the Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister about the ban on the three chemicals as well as the government’s plans to address the matter.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives answered the questions on behalf of the Prime Minister that the government was still unable able to explain or comment on the ban since it had not yet been signed by the Industry Minister. She confirmed that the Ministry has prepared for the ban and promised to pay special attention to the matter.

The Deputy Minister added that she would take the information from the Ministry of Public Health about illnesses caused by the three chemicals into consideration in order to develop protective guidelines.

Ms. Mananya thanked the senators for their concerns over the health of Thai people and the chemicals’ effects on them. Thailand has prohibited the use of 89 toxic farm chemicals, except these three chemicals which are already banned elsewhere in the world.