Acting PM believes the army will not become a political tool


BANGKOK, 12 Dec 2013 Acting Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has reaffirmed that the general election will take place as scheduled on February 2nd next year, as a royal decree calling for the election has been issued. She said political parties have already acknowledged that the poll will take place within 60 days. She hoped the election would offer the nation the solution it direly needs.

She also chimed in on a speculation that efforts could be made to push for the formation of the People’s Parliament through the Senate’s approval, saying she was not sure if such a move was possible. She pointed out that the parliament was already dissolved and the Senate should not have unilateral authority to approve any proposal.

When asked about the case in which Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban, secretary general of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, attempted to meet with military commanders, the Acting Prime Minister replied that she did not wish to make any speculation. However, she was confident that the military and all civil servants would take heed of His Majesty the King’s speech given on his birthday celebration last week.

She believed that everyone knows his or her own duties.