Academics suggest better alcohol sales laws


CHIANGMAI, 23 Nov 2014 – Academics have suggested the government improve laws concerning alcohol sales following a study which shows that liquor shops near education institutes are mushrooming.

The study which covers education institutes around Chiang mai indicates that the number of shops selling alcoholic drinks within the 500 meter radius of colleges has jumped to 1,244, or a 83.6 percent jump. Of these outlets, 59 percent are categorized as pubs and karaoke bars. The rest comprises restaurants and barbecue shops.

The study also found that grocery stores and retail shops near education institutes did offer alcoholic drinks. These outlets at the same time try to launch PR campaigns to lure the young into drinking.

The results showed that alcohol sales-control measures around schools and colleges did not work. The study suggested that the government come up with sustainable policies and laws to better regulate alcohol sales, adding that social problems at provincial level should not be the responsibility of the provincial governor alone.