Over 10 billion baht invested in Ayutthaya’s four industrial estates this year


AYUTTHAYA, 23 November 2014 – Surasak Chaloemkiattawi, Chief of the Industry Office of Ayutthaya revealed there was an increase of over ten billion baht in investment in the four industrial parks of the province this year.

According to him, the Bang Pa-in Industrial Estate gained the largest chunk of investment worth 167,400 million baht, followed by 63,000 million baht in Ban Wa Hi-Tech Industrial Estate, 11,700 million baht in the Factory Land Industrial Estate, and 6,000 million baht in Saharattana Nakhon Industrial Estate.

The types of industries that were most interesting to investors was electrical and electronics products, machinery production, and foods and beverages respectively. Surasak attributed the increase in investment to investors’ confidence in the province’s water management programs and fewer formalities in applying for business licenses.

According to Surasak, Ayutthaya is attractive to investors because of its location in the center of the country where products can be distributed easily nationwide. There are also several supply chain companies and goods distributing centers set up in the province, helping investor’s cut time and cost in the handling and distributing their goods.