Academics: Constitutional amendment should empower voters to check and balance political sector


BANGKOK, 10 June 2012 – Academics have recommended that a system of checks and balances be established for citizens as part of the constitutional amendments. At a panel discussion on constitutional amendments and foundation-laying for democracy, Associate Professor Siripan Nogsuan-sawasdee of Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Political Science stated that the constitution has lost its sanctity after it has been altered a number of times. 

She indicated that the constitution should strengthen the political system and allow citizens to check and balance its power to ensure politicians are playing within a democratic framework. The panelist also suggested that citizens be able to choose a prime minister and his/her Cabinet and be provided with power to propose laws or impeach politicians who abuse their power.

It was also suggested that certain features in the constitution that do not fit within the democratic framework be removed.