About 400 offenders caught so far in crackdown on mobile ‘chats’ when driving


BANGKOK, 8 August 2014 – Around 400 offenders have been caught by police in Bangkok during the first three days of the crackdown on ‘chatting’ on mobile devices while driving. 

Police Major General Adun Narongsak, the deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, observed the crackdown effort at Sang-hi intersection on Thursday. During the observation, he told police officers to also put up signs warning drivers of the penalty against improper use of mobile devices while driving, especially at intersections.

Most offenders were caught red-handed while waiting for the light to turn green at major intersections; for example, Asok Montri intersection and Sathon intersection.

Police also plan to expand the anti-‘chat’ measure to more spots, and will employ high-resolution cameras to assist with the work. If the cameras prove effective, many more will be installed. This is expected to help increase work efficiency as the camera shots will provide officers with concrete evidence that will help reduce arguments between offenders and police.