7th National Skills Competition for People with a Disability concluded


BANGKOK, The Department of Skills Development (DSD) recently concluded the 7th National Skills Competition for People with a Disability, noting that disabled workers have shown great improvement in craftsmanship and digital designing skills.

The competition was conducted in 18 categories including, among others, graphic design, web design, personal computer assembly, architectural design, tailoring, and pottery. Winners received a certificate and cash prize each. Those winning the first place were given 30,000 baht, while the second and third prizes received 15,000 baht and 9,000 baht respectively.

The biennial competition, which began in 2005, has been a joint effort between the government and the private sector. It aims at developing skilled laborers with physical disabilities and improving the quality of Thailand’s skilled labor to the same par with international standards.

According to Permanent Secretary for Labour Nakorn Silpa-archa who chaired the event, the competitors have shown significant progress in labor skill development especially in craftsmanship and digital designing skills. He also stated winners in particular categories will have a chance to represent Thailand at the ninth International Abilympics in Bordeaux, France in March next year.


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