50-meter crack found on pedestrian walkway on Rama III Road


BANGKOK, 3 April 2012  – A 50-meter long sinkhole was found on a footpath on Rama III Road. Fortunately no one was injured during the collapse. 

Part of the walkway on Rama III Road at Soi 23 has collapsed on Monday night, making a 5 meters wide, 3 meters deep, and nearly 50 meters long sinkhole.

Authorities rushed to the scene, suspecting that the sinkhole happened because soil in the area has been eroded over time as it is close to a canal. They also suspected that it could possibly be caused by a sub-standard construction.

Locals said that the pedestrian walkway had shown signs of sinking before, but people were still commuting as usual until it collapsed. The incident also caused damage to a pipeline underneath.