5-10% flood evacuees contracted chronic diseases


BANGKOK, 30 October 2011 -The Department of Disease Control encourage flood evacuees to inform authorities in charge if they are sick as over 5-10 % of flood victims have reportedly contracted chronic diseases.

The Department Director-General, Dr. Pornthep Siriwanarangsan, said if medical treatments were not accessed soon, the patients’ health could deteriorate. He advised that flood evacuees staying in the same shelter,should report to the shelter staff if they witnessed anyone with symptoms of diseases.

He said those who frequently developed hunger, perspired with shaking hands could be diabetic. Dr. Pornthep said severe symptoms for people who have diabetes include seizure and loss of consciousness. He advised that their conditions would improve in 5-10 minutes once treated with sugar or sweets.

However, if their sugar level is too high, they would become dehydrated, exhausted and eventually unconscious. It is important that a medication attention be sought once these symptoms have been detected.

As for those with high blood pressure, common symptoms may include dizziness, numbness in the feet or hands and a nose bleed. Dr. Pornthep said anyone with any kind of sickness should receive medications continuously. However they can call a public health hot line at 1442 for consultation or the Department of Disease Control at 02-5903333.