3 French tourists hit with charges after filing false mugging claim


Surat Thani – Three French citizens have been found to be involved in a hoax after they filed a report with Samui Island tourist police in Surat Thani saying they were mugged at knifepoint, but no evidence of the incident could be uncovered.

Acting Bor Pud Police Station Director, Pol Col Thongchana Hankittikanchana, explained that on October 4 three French citizens filed a report with Samui Island police alleging five men on three motorcycles used knives to rob them of their personal belongings before fleeing the scene.

Investigations were unable to corroborate the story and the three were themselves unable to confirm the location or time of the crime. Inspection of CCTV in the general area of the purported crime and questioning of area truck drivers were also incapable of confirming the allegations.

However, a check of the tourists’ room turned up all the property they said had been stolen and further questioning pushed them to admit they had concocted the story, likely to claim insurance payments. All of their belongings were subsequently found hidden in and around their accommodation and all three have now been charged.